LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp



LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp

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Ocean Ambience For Your Desk

Our Jellyfish Lamp is like owning a jellyfish aquarium of your own, but without the responsibilities of feeding and cleaning. Watch the soothing glow and flowing motion of these majestic jellies as they float effortlessly through the water. No maintenance required!



The translucent bodies of the two realistic jellyfish are lit by the soft glow of colored LED lights to create a fluorescent effect. A small current inside the aquarium causes the colored creatures to dance in the water, producing a hypnotizing display that adds oceanic ambiance to your desktop.


Realistic Jellyfish Lamp Realistic LED

Skill Building

Colorful LED lights and realistic floating jellyfish provide visual input that stimulates the development of sensory processing skills. This comforting light provides a soothing distraction when children are upset or simply want to relax. Turn the Jellyfish Lamp on in the dark for full effect.

Easy to Set Up

To set up, place the included jellyfish inside the aquarium, add water and a few drops of dish soap, plug in the lamp and enjoy. Simple like that!

Great Gift For

    • People who love marine life
    • Kids
    • Jellyfish lovers
    • Anyone with a desire for exotic LED night lamps


Q. How big is it?
A. At 11.8″ H x 4.25″ Diam.

Q. Can it project different colors?
A. Yes, you are able to use 18 LED colors with a press of a Switch.

Q: Is this like a lava lamp? I need one that can stay on all night
A: Not really. Lava Lamps work by heating up wax which rises to the top of the bottle, cool, and then comes back down. In this lamp, there is a jet of water that propels the plastic jellyfish around the tank. Since it is illuminated by LEDs, you can leave the lamp on all day and not have to worry about the bulbs burning out or the lamp becoming hot.

Q. How do you change batteries?
A. The jellyfish tank takes 3AA batteries or plugs in the USB to any outlet or computer. To change batteries, flip unit upside and open compartment. It’s very simple, much like a child’s toy.

Key Features

✔ Experience Stunning Deep-Sea Environment: This jellyfish lava lamp features realistic jellyfish which creates a beautiful ambiance. It provides a soothing underwater world of floating ball fun.
✔ Multi-Color Effects: LED lights in the jellyfish aquarium base give off a multi-color glow. It brings simulated marine life and colorful LED lighting to any room.
✔ Hassle-Free Operation: This jellyfish lava lamp runs by 3x AA Battery (not included). It can also be powered by DC5V/0.5A Adapter (Included).
✔ Easy to Care: Enjoy owning your beautiful jellyfish aquarium without worry about cleaning and maintenance.


    • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 23 cm (~2.75 x 2.75 x 9 in)
    • Weight: 400g (0.88lb)
    • Note: Not designed for (nor does it include) live jellyfish

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Weight 0.560 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 20 cm
Emitting Color

A without remote, B with remote

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one set


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